Flight to Mars

Cameron Mitchell

b.11/18/1918 Dallastown, PA

Father was a congregational minister in a small town of the foothills in Pennsylvania Cameron performs in high school plays and moves to New York where he secures leading roles on Broadway World War II: 2nd Lieutenant United States Army Force with service as a bombardier on a B-25 Mitchell bomber 1943-45 After war, he relocates to Hollywood to pursue career in television and motion pictures TV serials and movies: “The Beachcomber” 1960-1961 “The High Chaparral” 1967-1971 “Swiss Family Robinson” 1975-1976 First cinematic movie: “What Next Corporal Hargrove” 1945


What Next Corporal Hargrove, They Were Expendable, Homecoming, Command Decision, Flight to Mars, Death of a Salesman, Okinawa, Les Miserable, Man on a Tight Rope, Hell and High Water, How to Marry a Millionaire, Desiree, Carousel, The Unstoppable Man, Last of the Vikings, Rebel Rousers, Viva Knievel, Haunts, Supersonic Man, The Tomb, Space, Mutiny