Charleton Heston

b.10/4/1923 Evanston, IL

Drama student at Northwestern University Performs in local plays and radio production companies throughout the Midwest World War II: Staff Sergeant and Aerial Gunner of the 11th Air Force Army Air Force patrolling the Aleutian Islands of Alaska 1942-1945 Secures leading roles on Broadway including “Anthony and Cleopatra” TV serials and movies: “Julius Caesar” (supporting as Antony) “Wuthering Heights” (lead as Heathcliff) “The Patriots” (as Thomas Jefferson) “Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232” (as United pilot Al Haynes) “Great Battles of the Civil War” (as Abraham Lincoln) “The Colbys” 1985-1987 Academy Award Best Actor “Ben Hur” 1959 Academy Award for Humanitarianism 1977 First cinematic movie: “Julius Caesar” 1949


Julius Caesar, The Greatest Show on Earth, The President’s Lady, Pony Express, The Far Horizon, The Ten Commandments, The Big Country, The Buccaneer, Ben Hur, El Cid, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Major Dundee, Agony and Ecstacy, Khartoum, Planet of the Apes, Will Penny, Call of the Wild, Anthony and Cleopatra, Skyjacked, The Three Musketeers, Airport ’75, Earthquake, Midway, The Prince and the Pauper, Gray Lady Down, The Awakening, Tombstone