The 1000 Plane Raid

Christopher George

b.2/25/1929 Royal Oak, MN

From a family of actors including his brother, Nick (with whom he starred in the TV series “Rat Patrol”) and his niece, model Vanna White, who co-starred with Pat Sajak in the TV game show “Wheel of Fortune”   Korean War: United States Marine Corps AES-12 Gunner on gunship/transport aircraft during tour of duty in Korea   TV serials and movies: “Rat Patrol” 1966-68  “The Immortal” 1970-71  “Mission Impossible” 1967-73   First cinematic movie: “The Gentle Rains” 1966


The Gentle Rains, El Dorado, Ballad of Gavilan, Project X, The Devil’s 8, The 1,000 Plane Raid, Tiger by the Tail, The Delta Factor, Chisum, The Train Robbers, I Escaped from Devil’s Island, Dixie Dynamite, Midway, Whiskey Mountain, The Exterminator, Graduation Day, Enter the Ninja, Mortuary