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Command Decision

Clark Gable

b.02/01/1901  Cadiz (Akron), Ohio

High School drop-out who worked in tire factory then moved to Oklahoma as a wildcat oil driller  He performed in community threatre plays on weekends and married actress Josephine Dillon   The two moved to Hollywood in 1924 where Gable found success in leading roles of Broadway plays including “Love Honor Obey”   Lionel Barrymore attends the play and invites him to sign on with MGM Pictures   World War II: Bomber Pilot during World War II, he wins Distinguished Flying Service Award (tragically, before that, in 1942, his wife Carol Lombard died in a plane crash returning from USO troop performance)   Gable marries in 1955 actress Kay Spreckles (their son- his only child, John Clark Gable, is born in 1961, four months after his father’s death)   Academy Award Best Actor “It Happened One Night” 1934   First MGM movie: “The Painted Desert” 1930


The Painted Desert, Peacemakers, Johnstown Flood, The Painted Desert, Night Horse, Hell Divers, It Happened One Night, Call of the Wild, Night Flight, Manhattan Melodrama, Mutiny on the Bounty, Parnell, Saratoga, Test Pilot, Gone With the Wind, Adventure, The Hucksters, Command Decision, To Please a Lady, Soldier of Fortune, Band of Angels, Run Silent Run Deep, The Misfits


Test Pilot