Danger in the Skies (The Pilot)

Cliff Robertson

b.9/09/1925  La Jolla, California

Orphaned and adopted at the age of two where he was raised by his maternal grandmother  Earns private pilot’s license at age sixteen    Performs in high school plays and enrolls in the Actors Studio of New York    World War II: Enlisted in the Army Air Force, but with vision less than 20/20, he transferred to the Merchant Marine where he served in the Pacific Theatre of the war for two years    After the war, settles in New York and receives leading roles on Broadway beginning in the early 1950s and moves to Hollywood for career in television and motion pictures    TV serials and movies: “Batman” 1966-1968  “Falcon Crest” 1983-84    Academy Award Best Actor “Charly” 1968    First cinematic movie: “Picnic” 1955


Picnic, Autumn Leaves, Gidget, The Battle of the Coral Sea, As the Sea Rages, Underworld USA, The Big Show, The Interns, PT-109, The Best Man, 633 Squadron, The Devil’s Brigade, Charly, Too Late the Hero, Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, Midway, Obsession, The Pilot, Wind