Red Tails

Cuba Gooding Jr.

b.1/02/1968  Bronx, New York

Son of professional musician and musician and actor himself with the band “Main Ingredient”  Academy Award Best Supporting Actor “Jerry McGuire” 1996   First cinematic movie: “Sing” 1989 (first bit part in movie was as an extra receiving a haircut by Eddie Murphy in the motion picture  “Coming to America”  1988)


Coming to America, Sing, Boyz in the Hood, A Few Good Men, Gladiator, Daybreak, Judgement Night, Lightning Jack, Losing Isaiah, Outbreak, Jerry McGuire, As Good as it Gets, A Murder of Crows, Instinct, Men of Honor, Rat Race, Boat Trip, Snow Dogs, Radio, The Fighting, Temptations, Dirty, Shadowboxer, End Game, American Gangster, Daddy Day Camp, Norbit, Hers Wanted, Hard Wired, Red Tails, Sacrifice