Band of Brothers

Donnie Wahlberg

b.8/17/1969 Boston, Mass

Formed rock band “NYNUK” with his brother while a student in high school The band records an album under the name “New Kids on the Block” and skyrockets to number one on the charts with several Top Ten hits Brother quits the band and turns to a full time career in acting introducing Donnie to the profession TV serials and movies: “Big Apple” 2001 “Band of Brothers” 2001 “Boomtown” 2002-03 “The Kill Point” 2007 “Runaway” 2006-08 “Blue Bloods” 2010-15 “Boston’s Finest” 2013 First cinematic movie: “Bullet” 1996


Bullet, Ransom, Body Count, The Sixth Sense, Diamond Man, Bullfighter, SAW II, Annapolis, Dreamcatcher, SAW III, SAW IV, Zookeeper