Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Felix Silla

b.11/11/1937  Rome Italy

Silla moved to the United States in 1955 to join the Barnum and Bailey Circus as a trapeze artist and tumbler    Because of his short stature, he was in demand for roles as midgets or petite costumed characters and moved to Hollywood    His first role on television was as Cousin It in “The Addams Family” which debuted in 1964    Silla is often unrecognized for his roles in television and movies because he is the unseen human within the costumes of the show’s characters such as Cousin It (Addams Family), Twiki (Buck Rogers), Ewok (Star Wars) and Dink (Spaceballs)   TV serials and movies: “The Addams Family” 1964-66  “Pufenstuf” 1970-71  “Mary Hartman Mary Hartman” 1977-78  “The Battlestar Galactica” 1978-79 “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” (as robot Twiki) 1979-81   First cinematic movie: “She Freak” 1967


She Freak, Planet of the Apes, Pufenstuf, Little Cigars, The Blackbird, Mastermind, Lord of the Rings (1978), Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Meatballs II, Spaceballs