Task Force

Gary Cooper

b.5/07/1901  Helena Montana

Father was State Supreme Court Justice Gary enrolls in Grinnell College (Iowa) as Fine Arts student Pursues career as political cartoonist and moves to Los Angeles Artist and salesman of theatre curtains in Hollywood Cast as extra in spaghetti westerns until landing roles as leading man Academy Award Best Actor “Sergeant York” 1941 Academy Award for Best Actor “ High Noon” 1952 Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement 1961 First cinematic movie (speaking role) “Winning of Barbara Worth 1926


Winning of Barbara Worth, Wings, Nevada, Lilac Time, The First Kiss, The Virginian, the Texan, Seven Days Leave, Man from Wyoming, Morocco, Devil of the Deep, A Farewell to Arms, Alice in Wonderland, The Wedding Night, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, The Plainsman, Souls at Sea, The Adventures of Marco Polo, The Real Glory, Sergeant York, Pride of the Yankees, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Along Came Jones, Unconquered, The Fountainhead, Task Force, Distant Dreams, High Noon, Vera Cruz, The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell