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Behind Enemy Lines

Gene Hackman

b.1/30/1931  San Bernardino CA

High school drop-out at Danville Illinois  Enlists in Marine Corps for four year tour of duty during beginning of Korean War  Returns to U.S. after honorable discharge  Enrolls at Pasadena Playhouse and is awarded leading roles in Broadway plays  Moves to Hollywood and is cast by studios as tough leading man   Academy Award nominated Best Supporting Actor “Bonnie and Clyde” 1967  Academy Award nominated Best Actor “I Never Sang for My Father” 1970  Academy Award Best Supporting Actor “The French Connection” 1971  Academy Award nominated Best Actor “Mississippi Burning” 1988  Academy Award Best Supporting Actor “Unforgiven” 1992   First cinematic movie “Lilith” 1964


Lilith, Bonnie and Clyde, First to Fight, Marooned, I Never Sang for My Father, The French Connection, Poseidon Adventure, Sacred Cow, The Conversation, Bite the Bullet, French Connection II, A Bridge Too Far, Superman, Superman II, Reds, Uncommon Valor, Under Fire, Hoosiers, Now Way Out, Superman IV,  Bat 21, Mississippi Burning, Loose Cannons, Narrow Margin,  Postcards from the Edge, Unforgiven, Crimson Tide, The Firm, Geronimo, Wyatt Earp, Get Shorty, Birdcage, Enemy of the State, Behind Enemy Lines, The Mexican