The Hindenburg

George C. Scott

b.10/18/1927 Wise, Virginia

Father was Executive for Buick division of General Motors Mother died when George was eight years of age Enlisted in Marine Corps at age eighteen and served active duty for four years Drama Major University of Missouri Cast in leading roles in stageplays for off Broadway theatres Discovered by Hollywood television production company TV: “East Side West Side” 1963-1964 “Mr. President” 1987-1988 “Traps” 1994-95 “Titanic” (as Captain Smith) 1996 First cinematic movie “The Hanging Tree” 1959


The Hanging Tree, Anatomy of a Murder, Winterset, The Hustler, Dr. Strangelove, The, Bible, In the Beginning, The Crucible, Flim Flam Man, Patton, They Might be Giant, The Last Run, The Day of the Dolphin, Hindenburg, The Changeling, Taps, Firestarter, The Exorcist III, The Rescuers Down Under, Twelve Angry Men, Gloria, Angus