The Blue Max

George Peppard

b.10/1/1928 Detroit Michigan

Son of prominent New York City opera contralto   Performing Arts Graduate of Purdue University Indiana    Military service: Sergeant  1st Battalion 10th Marine Regiment  United States Marine Corps  1947-48   Leading roles on Broadway in the early 1950s and at the New York Actors Studio    Moves to Hollywood to start  career in television and motion pictures    TV serials and movies: “Banaceck” 1972-74 “Doctors Hospital” 1975-1976 “The A Team” 1983-1987    First cinematic movie: “The Strange One” 1957


The Strange One, Pork Chop Hill, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, How the West was Won, The Victors, Operation Cross Bow, The Third Day, The Blue Max, Tobrak, House of Cards, The Executioner, Cannon for Cordoba, Damnation Alley, Five Days from Home, From Hell to Victory, Battle Beyond the Stars, Target Eagle, Night of the Fox, The Tigress