Star Trek: The Final Frontier

George Takei

b.4/20/1937  Los Angeles CA

Family rounded up and incarcerated at  Rowher Relocation Center in Arkansas when President Roosevelt ordered the confinement of 125,000 Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor    Following conclusion of World War II, Takei returns home to California and enrolls as architecture student at University of California Berkeley    While a student, MGM Studios asks him to translate and dub into English the lines from Japanese movie “Rodon”    Transfers to University of California Los Angeles and changes major to Drama    Auditions for role of Sulu in the second pilot for the TV serial “Star Trek” (Takei was the second actor to portray Sulu- the first actor did not come back when the original pilot failed to be picked up by the network- a second pilot was filmed with Takei as Sulu and the Star Trek dynasty was begun)    TV serials and movies: “The Islanders” 1960-61  “Hawaiian Eye” 1960-61  “General Hospital” 1963  “My Three Sons” 1964-65  “Star Trek” 1966-69  “Star Trek: The Animated Series” 1973-74  “Space Cases” 1996-97  “KimPossible” 2003-07  “Star Trek: New Voyages” 2007  “Heroes” 2007-2010  “The Neighbors” 2013-14   First cinematic movie: “Ice Palace” 1960


Ice Palace, Hell to Eternity, Battle of the Coral Sea, PT-109, Walk Don’t Run, The Green Berets, Which Way to the Front, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek: The Search for Spock, Star Trek: The Voyage Home, Star Trek: Final Frontier, Star Trek: Undiscovered Country