Flight to Tangier

Jack Palance

b.2/18/1919 Lattimer, PA

Father was a Pennsylvania coal miner and his son joined him in the mines to pay for tuition as a drama student at the University of North Carolina World War II: Bomber pilot with the 455 Bomb Group- his face was severely burned requiring reconstructive surgery after the plane was hit by enemy fire, erupted in flames, and crash landed Moved to Hollywood and received parts as rugged cowboy or thug as a result of the scars on his face from the crash TV serials and movies: “The Greatest Show on Earth” 1963-64 “Bronk” 1975-76 “Robert L. Ripley’s Believe it or Not” 1982-86 Emmy Award Best Actor “Requiem for a Heavyweight” 1956 Academy Award nomination Best Supporting Actor “Shane” 1953 Academy Award Best Supporting Actor “City Slickers” 1991 First cinematic movie: “Picnic in the Streets” 1950


Picnic in the Streets, Halls of Montezuma, Santa Fe, Shane, Flight to Tangier, Sign of the Pagan, The Silver Chalice, Attack, House of Numbers, Ten Seconds to Hell, The Mongrels,  Horsemen, The Desperados, The Great Adventure, One Man Jury, Dead on Arrival, Angels Brigade, Young Guns, Batman, Tango & Cash, Tombstone, City Slickers