Jean Seberg

b.4/13/1938 Marshalltown Iowa

Theatre major State University of Iowa  Discovered at age seventeen by Otto Preminger who cast her in the leading role of movie “Saint Joan”  Political activist and protester of U.S. foreign policy  First cinematic movie “St. Joan” 1957 (release date)


St. Joan, Bonjour Tristesse, The Mouse That Roared, Breathless, Let No Man Write My Epitaph, The Five Day Lover, Time Out for Love, Playtime, In the French Style, Backfire, Lilith, Moment to Moment, A Fine Madness, Who’s Got the Black Box, Pendulum, Paint Your Wagon, Airport, Macho Callahan, Kill Kill Kill, The French Conspiracy, Cat and Mouse, The Grand Delirium, Wild Duck