Sky Giant

Joan Fontaine

b.10/22/1917 Tokyo, Japan

Born to American parents in Japan, Joan and her sister Olivia DeHavilland are brought to live with their mother (an actress) in Hollywood after parents’ divorce in 1919 Joan takes lessons in drama and dance and receives roles in Broadway plays of the West Coast First screen test in 1934 In first five years of acting in movies she receives leading roles co-starring with Fred Astaire in “Damsel in Distress” 1937 and with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in “Gunga Din” 1939 Academy Award nomination Best Actress “Rebecca” 1940 Academy Award nomination “Constant Nymph” 1943 Academy Award Best Actress “Suspicion” 1941 First cinematic movie: “No More Ladies” 1935


No More Ladies, Quality Street, Music for Madame, A Damsel in Distress, A Million to One, Maid’s Night Out, Sky Giant, The Duke of West Point, Gunga Din, Men of Conquest, The Women, Rebecca, Suspicion, This Above All, The Constant Nymph, Jane Ayre, The Emperor’s Waltz, September Affair, Ivanhoe, The Bigamist, Othello, Flight to Tangier, Island in the Sun, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Tender is the Night, Something to Live For