Battle Hymn

Jock Mahoney

b.2/7/1919 Chicago Illinois

Graduate student in Drama at the University of Iowa  Cast as stuntman for major Hollywood studios   TV “The Range Rider” 1951-52  “Yancy Derringer” 1958-1959  Cast as Tarzan in 1960s motion picture series   First cinematic movie “Fighting Frontiersman” 1946


South of Chisholm Trail, Doolins of Oklahoma, The Nevadan, Overland Pacific  Away all Boats, Showdown at Abilene, A time to Love and a Time to Die, Tarzan the Magnificent, Tarzan Goes to India, California, Tarzan’s Three Challenges, Walls of Hell, Runaway Girl, Glory Stompers, Bandolero!, Tom, The Bad Bunch, The End