Destination Tokyo

John Forsythe

b.1/29/1918 Penn’s Grove, NJ

All-state basketball player during high school   Enrolled as a drama major with a full basketball scholarship at the University of North Carolina    After graduation, moves to New York as Play by play sports announcer for the Brooklyn Dodgers    Begins performing leading roles on Broadway in the early 1940s before the U.S. enters World War II    Moves to Hollywood after the war to pursue career in television and motion pictures    TV serials and movies: “Bachelor Father” 1957-1962  “The John Forsythe Show” 1965-66  “To Rome with Love” 1969-1971  “Charlie’s Angels” 1976-81  “Dynasty” 1981-89    First cinematic movie: “Destination Tokyo” 1944


Destination Tokyo, Captive City, The Glass Web, It Happened Every Thursday, Escape from Fort Bravo, The Trouble With Harry, Kitten with a Whip, The Ambassador’s Daughter, Madame X, In Cold Blood, Scrooged