John Malkovich

b.12/9/1953 Christopher Illinois

Son of the Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections   Illinois State University Performing Arts Graduate   Co-founder Steppenwolf Theatre Chicago 1976   Moves to New York for leading roles on Broadway during the 1980s including “True West”   TV serials and movies: “The Messenger”  “The Shadow of a Vampire”  “Ripley’s Game”  “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”  “The Dancer Upstairs”  “Beowulf”  “The Mutant Chronicles”  “Changling”  “Dark of the Moon”   Obie Award Best Actor “True West” 1983   Academy Award nomination Best Supporting Actor “Places in the Heart”   Academy Award nomination Best Supporting Actor “In the Line of Fire” 1993    First cinematic movie: “Places in the Heart” 1984


Places in the Heart, Empire of the Sun, The Glass Menagerie, Dangerous Liaisons, Miles From Home, Of Mice and Men, In the Line of Fire, Alive, Con Air, Man in the Iron Mask, Being John Malkovich