Broken Arrow

John Travolta

b.2/18/1954  Englewood NJ

High School drop-out  Studied acting in New Jersey and was cast in local New York television commercials  TV:  “Welcome Back Kotter” (as student Vinnie Barbarino co-starring with Gabe Kaplan as his high school teacher)  Moves to Hollywood and gains motion picture roles as teenager   Certificated as Private Pilot   Owner of three aircraft including Boeing 707 jet   First cinematic movie: “Devil’s Run” 1975


Devil’s Run  Boy in the Plastic Bubble  Carrie  Saturday Night Fever  Grease  Urban Cowboy  Blow Out  Staying Alive  Look Who’s Talking  Look Who’s Talking Too  Shout  Look Who’s Talking Now  Pulp Fiction  Broken Arrow  Michael  She’s so Lovely  Primary Colors  The General’s Daughter  Battlefield Earth  The Thin Red Line  Swordfish  Ladder 49  The Punisher  Be Cool  Lonely Hearts  Hairspray  Wild Hogs  From Paris With Love