Lost In Space

Jonathan Harris

b.11/6/1914  Bronx, New York

Pharmaceuticals major in college Switched majors to Drama and performed in school plays that led to leading roles on Broadway including “Heart of a City” World War II: Served as an entertainer with the USO (United Services Organization) putting on plays and musical skits for troops at their bases overseas TV serials and movies: “Pulitzer Prize Playhouse” 1950-51 “Reign of Terror” 1952 “Zorro” 1959 “Shirley Temple Storybook” 1958-60 “The Bill Dana Show” 1964-65 “Lost in Space” 1965-68 “Love American Style” 1970-71 “Space Academy” 1976-77 “Battlestar Galactica” 1978-79 “Freakazoid” 1996-97