Men Against the Sky

Kent Taylor

b.5/11/1906 Nashua, Iowa

Raised near the church sanctuary that served as the inspiration for the famed “Little Brown Church in the Vale” classic gospel music song TV serials and movies: “Boston Blackie” 1951-53 “The Rough Riders” 1958-59 First cinematic movie: “Road to Reno” 1931


Road to Reno, Devil of the Deep, Blonde Venus, The Sign of the Cross, White Woman, Death Takes a Holiday, David Harum, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, Florida Special, Ramona, The Last Express, Five Come Back, I Take this Woman, Tombstone, Alaska, The Daltons Ride Again, Western Pacific Agent, Playgirl, Ghost Town, Gang War, The Day Mars Invaded Earth, Harbor Lights