Rocketship X-M

Lloyd Bridges

b.8/15/1913  San Leandro,  CA

Father was proprietor and manager of a picture palace movie theatre Influenced by the films shown there, Lloyd enrolled as a Drama major at the University of California Los Angeles After graduation he secured leading roles in Broadway plays throughout the Depression of the 1930s and founded the Green Mansions Theatre in New York World War II: United States Coast Guard Auxiliary District Eleven Commodore TV serials and movies: Climax 1955-57 Sea Hunt 1958-61 Lloyd Bridges Show 1962-63 The Loner 1965-66 Joe Forester 1975-1976 How the West Was Won 1976-78 North and South 1986 Capitol News 1990-1991 First cinematic movie: “Freshman Love” 1936


Freshman Love, Northwest passage, Herman of Michigan, Cadets on Parade, The Lady Takes a Flyer, Tramp Tramp Tramp, Atlantic, Passport to Suez, Mr. Bluesman, Hot Shots!, Joe Vs. the Volcano, One Upon a Time, Tucker: A Man and his Dream, Airplane, Airplane II: The Sequel