Devil’s Squadron

Lloyd Nolan

b.8/11/1902 San Francisco CA

Graduate of Performing Arts Stanford University   After graduation and starring in plays produced by the Drama Department, Nolan moves to New York where he receives leading roles on Broadway in the late 1920s    Moves to Hollywood during the Great Depression and is cast in early “talkies” after which he auditions for role on television as well as motion pictures    TV serials and movies: “Martin Kane: Private Eye” 1951-52  “Special Agent” 1958-59  “Julia” 1968-71    First cinematic movie: “G Men” 1935


G Men, Atlantic Adventure, The Texas Rangers, Wells Fargo, Prison Farm, King of Alcatraz, St. Louis Blues, Ambush, Undercover Doctor, Gangs of Chicago, Pier Thirteen, Behind the News, Apache Trail,  Bataan, Guadalcanal Diary, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Captain Eddie, Lady in the Lake, Island in the Sky, Toward the Unknown, Peyton Place, Circus World, Sergeant Ryker, Airport ’70, Earthquake, Hanna & Her Sisters