Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Michael Dorn

b.12/09/1952 Luling, Texas

Certificated Private Pilot  Owns North American F-86 Sabre fighter jet and T-33 Talon trainer jet  TV: “CHiPs” 1979-1982  “Dinosaurs” 1991-1992  “Star Trek: Next Generation” 1987-1994  “Gargoyles” 1995-1996  “Ahh! Real Monsters” 1995-1996 “Captain Simian” 1996-1997 “Superman” 1997-2002  “Zeta Project” 2001-2002  “Duck Rogers” 2003-2005  “Heroes” (President of the United States) 2008-2009  “Castle” 2011-2015  First cinematic movie “Rocky” 1976


Rocky, Jagged Edge, Timemaster, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Shadow Hours, The Prophet’s Games, MACH II, Ali, Santa Clause, Star Trek; Nemesis, Shade, Fallen Angel, Night Skies, Ted II, Internity