The Bridges at Toko Ri

Mickey Rooney

b.9/23/1920 Brooklyn, NY

Rooney’s father and mother were actors on the Vaudeville circuit and their son traveled with them for the performances   His parents introduced him to acting by securing roles for him as a midget beginning when he was five years old    World War II: Drafted into the Army in 1944 he served as a broadcaster on Armed Forces Radio until the end of the war in 1945   TV serials and movies: “Mickey McGuire” 1927-1933 “Andy Hardy” 1937-1947  “Mickey” 1964-65    Emmy Award Best Actor “Bill” (biography of Bill Sachter who overcame disabilities to achieve success at the University of Iowa) 1982   Academy Award Best Youth Actor 1938    Academy Award nomination Best Supporting Actor “Black Stallion” 1979    First cinematic movie (speaking role) “Orchids and Ermine” 1927


Orchids and Ermine, High Speed, Broadway to Hollywood, The Chief, Manhattan Melodrama, Upper World, Reckless, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Little Lord Fontleroy, A Family Affair, Captain Courageous, Slave ship, The Hoosier Schoolboy, Boys Town, Young Tom Edison, The Adventures of Huck Finn, A Yank at Eton, Girl Crazy, National Velvet, The Big Wheel, Atomic Kid, All Ashore, Bridges at Toko Ri, Baby Face Nelson, The Last Mile, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, It’s a Mad Mad Mad World, Extraordinary Seamen, That’s Entertainment, The Magic of Lassie, The Black Stallion, Erik the Viking