Capricorn One

O. J. Simpson

b.7/09/1947 San Francisco CA

Born Orenthal James Simpson, he shortened it to become the monogram O.J. in high school Heisman Trophy recipient as Running back at University of Southern California Running back in the National Football League for the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco Forty-niners Accused of murdering his wife Nicole Simpson, he was acquitted on criminal charges and found guilty in civil suit but not sentenced to prison until convicted on twelve counts of armed robbery and the kidnapping of a collector who was illicitly selling Simpson memorabilia TV serials and movies: “Here’s Lucy” 1973 “Roots” 1977 “A Killing Affair” 1977 “Saturday Night Live” Host 1978, “First and Ten” 1986-91 “In the Heat of the Night” 1989 “Frogmen” 1994 First cinematic movie: “Why” 1973


Why, Klansmen, Towering Inferno, Diamond Mercenaries, Capricorn One, Firepower, The Naked Gun, Hambone and Millie, Naked Gun II, No Place to Hide, Naked Gun III