Ace of Aces / Air Mail

Ralph Bellamy

b.6/17/1904 Chicago, Illinois

Leading roles in high school drama club and travels the world for five years until returning to Chicago and New York where he founds his own acting troupe, The Bellamy Players Fine tunes his skills with the troupe and receives leading roles on Broadway in the late 1920s Moves to Hollywood at start of the Great Depression to pursue career of acting in motion pictures and is cast in his first movie in 1931 Academy Award nomination Best Actor “The Awful Truth” 1937 Academy Award Lifetime Achievement 1986 First cinematic movie: “The Secret Six” 1931


The Secret Six, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Air Mail, Destination Unknown, Flying Devils, Ace of Aces, Spitfire, The Man Who Lived Twice, Let’s Get Married, The Awful Truth, Trade Winds, Let us Live, Ellery Quinn, Dive Bomber, The Wolf Man, Ghost of Frankenstein, Guest in the House, Lady on a Train, The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell, Sunrise at Campobello, Doctor’s Wives, Rosemary’s Baby, Trading Places, Cancel My Reservations, Oh God, Coming to America, Pretty Woman