Lost Flight

Ralph Meeker

b.11/21/1920 Minneapolis, MN

Graduate Northwestern University (Evanston Illinois) Moves to New York and receives leading roles on Broadway including “Picnic” and “Streetcar Named Desire” 1940s Discovered and cast in Hollywood movies 1950s First cinematic movie “Four in a Jeep” 1951


Four in a Jeep, Glory Alley, Shakedown, the Sky, Somebody Loves Me, The Naked Spur, Jeopardy, Code Two, Big House USA, Kiss Me Deadly, Desert Sands, Paths of Glory, The Dirty Dozen, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Gentle Giant, The Devil’s Eight, Lost Flight, I Walk the Line, The Anderson Tape, Brannigan, The Good of the Gods, The Alpha Incident, High Riders, Without Warming