Close Encounters

Richard Dreyfuss

b.10/29/1947  New York NY

Father was a lawyer in New York who moved family to Los Angeles when Richard was nine years of age   Begins acting career in plays at Beverly Hills Jewish Center   Leading roles on Broadway late 1960s   Critically acclaimed rise to stardom in “American Graffitti” 1973  Academy Award Best Actor “Goodbye Girl” 1977  Academy Award nominated Best Actor  “Mr. Holland’s Opus” 1995   First cinematic movie “The Graduate” 1968


The Graduate, Dillinger, American Graffiti, Jaws, Close Encounters, Goodbye Girl, The Big Fix, The Competition, Who’s Life is it Anyway, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Stand by Me, Nuts, Stakeout, Tin Men, Postcards from the Edge, What About Bob, Lost in Yonkers, The American President, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Silver City, Poseidon, Piranha, The Big Valley