Battlestar Galactica

Richard Hatch

b.5/21/1945  Santa Monica, CA

Accomplished concert pianist and Graduate in Performing Arts at Harbor College in San Pedro, California   First leading roles were on Broadway in the plays “The Songs of Walt Whitman” and “Young Rebels”   TV serials and movies: “All My Children” 1971  “The Rookies” 1973-75  “The Streets of San Fransisco” 1976-77  “Battlestar Galactica” 1978-79  “Dynasty” 1984-85  “Santa Barbara” 1990-91  “Battlestar Galactica” 2004-2009,  “The Silicon Assassin Project” 2012-13  “After Hell” 2014   First cinematic movie: “Best Friends”


Best Friends, Battlestar Galactica, Living Legend, Prisoners of the Lost Universe, Heated Vengeance, Party Line, Dark Bar, Leathernecks, The Hitch Hikers, Renaissance, The Ghost, The Rain Makers, Inalienable, Alien Hangar