Airplane II

Robert Hays

b.7/24/1927 Bethesda, Maryland

Only actor to portray the same character in three different superhero series (Tony Stark in “Iron Man” “Spiderman” “The Incredible Hulk”)  TV serials and movies: “The Blue Knight” 1976  “The Young Pioneers” 1978  “Angie” 1979-80  “Starman” 1986-87  “FM” 1989-90  “Cutters” 1993  “Iron Man” (animation voice over) 1994-1996  “Spiderman” (animation voice over)1996-1997  “Kelly Kelly” 1998   First cinematic movie: “Airplane!” 1980


Airplane!, Take this Job and Shove It, Airplane II: The Sequel, Trenchcoat, Utilities, Touched, Scandalous, Cat’s Eye, Homeward Bound, Cyber Bandits, Universal Remote, Superhero Movie, Paranormal Movie