The Hunters

Robert Mitchum

b.8/06/1917 Bridgeport, CT

Father was absent in Robert’s formative years so he turned to life of petty crime in childhood Married as a teenager and pursued legitimate career assembling airplanes for Lockheed in California Enrolls in acting and is cast member of Long Beach Theatre Guild Receives rolls as extra in Hop Along Cassidy series First cinematic movie “Hoppy Serves a Writ” 1943


Hoppy Serves a Writ, Aerial Gunner, Gung Ho, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Nevada, Story of GI Joe, Crossfire, The Red Pony, One Minute to Zero, Macao, Track of the Cat, Man With the Gun, Fire Down Under, The Enemy Below, the Hunters, Cape Fear, The Longest Day, The Way West, Midway, The Big Sleep, Winds of War, War and Remembrance, Tombstone