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A Gathering of Eagles

Rock Hudson

b.11/17/1925 Winnetka, Illinois

Father was a mechanic and mother a telephone switchboard operator   Hudson performed in high school drama club but had difficulty memorizing lines   WWII: United States Navy Naval Aviation mechanic (tour of duty aboard aircraft carrier)    Truck driver after the war when he hired an acting coach and agent to land parts in Hollywood productions   Marriage to actress Nancy Gates 1955-1959   Comes out as homosexual and is active in AIDS prevention education   Dies of HIV virus infection while in Quad Cities, Iowa 1985    TV serials and movies:  “McMillan and Wife”  “The Martian Chronicles”  “The Devlin Connection” and “Dynasty”  First cinematic movie: “Fighter Squadron”


Fighter Squadron, Winchester ’73, The Desert Hawk, Air Cadet, Iron Man, Here Come the Nelsons, Sea Devils, Gun Fury, Magnificent Obsession, Bengal Brigade, Captain Lightfoot, Giant, Battle Hymn, A Farewell to Arms, The Tarnished Angels, Pillow Talk, Marilyn, Strange Bedfellows, A Gathering of Eagles, Blindfold, Tobrek, Ice Station, Zebra, The Undefeated, The Hornet’s Nest, The Ambassador, Avalanche


The Martian Chronicles