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Desperate Journey

Ronald Reagan

b.2/06/1911 Tampico, Illinois

Raised in Dixon, Illinois    Served as lifeguard to pay for tuition and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Eureka College    Radio broadcaster WOC Radio Davenport, Iowa and Sports reporter for WHO Radio in Des Moines   World War II: Captain in United States Army Air Force producing and hosting training films and newsreels for the armed services and civilian audiences (Reagan’s eyesight was not 20/20 and he was excluded from combat duty)   TV serials and movies: “The Orchid Award” 1953-54  “General Electric Theatre” 1954-62  “Death Valley Days” 1965-66    President of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) 1947-53   Governor of California 1967-1975 Republican candidate for President 1976    President of the United States 1981-1989   First cinematic movie: “Love is On the Air” 1937


Love is On the Air, Sergeant Murphy, Hollywood Hotel, Cowboy from Brooklyn, Going Places, Secret Service of the Air, Code of the Secret Service, Hell’s Kitchen, Murder in the Air, Knute Rockne: All American, Santa Fe Trail, Million Dollar Baby, International Squadron, Desperate Journey, This is the Army, That Hagen Girl, Storm Warning, Bedtime for Bonzo (co-starring with Bonzo the chimpanzee), The Last Outpost, Law and Order, Prisoner of War, Hellcats of the Navy

reaganronaldc (2)

Secret Service of the Air