The Space Children

Russell Johnson

b.11/10/1924 Ashley, PA

The “Professor” of the TV series Gilligan’s Island was held back a grade as a child in grade school
World War II: Bombardier on B-24 and B-25 bomber aircraft completing 44 missions over Europe until transferred to Pacific operations where his plane crash landed in the Philippine Islands Begins professional acting career after the Korean War with bit parts and leading roles in television and movies TV serials and movies: “Fireside Theatre” 1950 “Lone Ranger” 1955 “Crosroads” 1956-66 “Rin Tin Tin” 1956-67 “The Silent Service” 1957-58 “The Black Saddle” 1957-60 “Laramie” 1961-63 “Gilligan’s Island” 1964-67 “SanFransisco Intl Airport”1970 “Owen Marshall” 1971-73 “Gilligan’s Planet” 1982 First cinematic movie: “For Men Only” 195


For Men Only, Seminole, It Came from Outer Space, Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki, This Island Earth, Attack of the Crab Monster, The Space Children, A Distant Trumpet, MacArthur, The Man from Independence, The Great Skycopter Rescue, Off the Wall, Blue Movies