Flat Top

Sterling Hayden

b.3/26/1916 Montclair, NJ

Dropped out of high school to pursue career as a ship Captain Modeled clothing to pay for boat and was discovered by a Paramount Studio scout Moved to Hollywood 1939 World War II: Enlisted in United States Marine Corps as cover for service as an Operative in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Yugoslavia Accused of being a double agent for the Communist Party when he returns to U.S. and testifies during the McCarthy Hearings in Congress by naming actors in California who are active in the Communist Party Hayden is blacklisted among Hollywood studios as a result of his speech and receives few roles after the hearings He spends the balance of his life sailing around the world in his ocean going yacht TV serials and movies: “Lighthouse of Chaos: The Sterling Hayden Story” (documentary biography of his life) First cinematic movie: “Virginian” 1941


Virginian, Variety Girl, The Asphalt Jungle, Journey into Light, The Golden Hawk, Flat Top, The Star, Fighter Attack, Naked Alibi, Battle, Taxi, The Eternal Sea, The Last Command, Gun Battle at Monterrey, Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather