License to Kill

Timothy Dalton

b.3/21/1944 Colwyn Bay Wales

Student and graduate of the British National Youth Theatre and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art  Cast member of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company  Began cinematic acting career in England with leading roles in screenplay adaptations of Shakespearian plays   First cinematic movie “Lion in Winter” 1968


Lion in Winter, Cromwell, Wuthering Heights, Mary Queen of Scots, Sextette, Agatha, Flash Gordon, Living Daylights, Hawks, Brenda Starr, License to Kill, Rocketeer, Naked in New York, Salt Water Moose, The Informant, Made Man, Passion’s Way, Time Share, American Outlaws, Loony Tunes Back in Action, Hot Fuzz, The Tourist, Toy Story III