The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark

Vincent Gardenia

b.1/07/1920 Naples, Italy

Father was a stage actor in Italy and moved the family to Brooklyn, New York when Vincent was two years of age Vincent followed in his father’s footsteps and received supporting roles in off Broadway plays at the age of five First leading role on Broadway “In April Once” 1955 Sixteenth Avenue in Brooklyn was renamed Vincent Gardenia Boulevard in his honor First cinematic movie: “House on 92nd Street” 1945


House on 92nd Street, Murder Inc., Mad Dog Coll, The Third Day, Jenny, Cold Turkey, Hickey and Boggs, Lucky Luciano, Death Wish, For Sale, The Front Page, Greased Lightning, Heaven Can Wait, Firepower, Last Flight of Noah’s Ark, Little Shop of Horrors, Moonstruck, Cheese, Skin Deep, The Super, The Tragedy of Flight 103