Battle Stations

William Bendix

b.1/04/1906 New York, NY

Father was violinist and conductor for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York  William overlooks music and pursues a career in sports as a minor league baseball player  In off season he enrolls in New York Theatre Guild in the late 1930s  Leading roles on Broadway 1940s  Leading roles on radio dramas including award winning comedy  “The Life of Riley”  Academy Award nominated Best Actor “Wake Island” 1942   First cinematic movie “Brooklyn Orchid” 1942


Brooklyn Orchid, Wake Island, Guadalcanal Diaries, China  Hostages, The Hairy Ape, Abroad with Two Yanks, Sentimental Journey, The Blue Dahlia, Calcutta, The Time of Your Life, The Babe Ruth Story, The Life of Riley, The Streets of Laredo, Submarine Command, A Girl in Every Port, Macao, Crashout, The Deep Six, Boys Night Out, For Love and Money, Young Fury