Air Force One

William H. Macy

b.3/13/1950  Miami, Florida

Understudy of playwright David Mamet and co-founder with Mamet and Steven Schacter of the St. Nicholas Theater Company in Chicago and the Atlantic Theater Company of New York  First cinematic movie: “All Together Now” 1975


All Together Now, The Late Show, The Jerk, Foolin’ Around, Without a Trace, Radio Days, Sibling Rivalry, The Doctor, The Water Engine, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Being Human, The Client, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Down Periscope, Fargo, Ghosts of Mississippi, Air Force One, Wag the Dog, A Civil Action, Pleasantville, Psycho, Magnolia, Jurassic Park III, Seabiscuit, In Enemy Hands, Spartan, Sahara, Bobby, Wild Hogs, The Deal, Marmaduke, The Lincoln Lawyer